Presentation of Station Area Plan to Paramount City Council

Tuesday April 2nd, 2019, 6pm

You are invited to attend the Paramount City Council Meeting on Tuesday, April 2nd at 6pm to observe a discussion by Council Members about the draft Station Area Plan. Representatives from the City and Consultant Team will deliver a brief presentation, followed by a question and answer session regarding technical details and other considerations and comments from Council Members.

Come learn about the exciting possibilities for improved transit access, new bicycle and pedestrian amenities, and the opportunities for building livable communities through transit-oriented development! 

Paramount City Hall
16400 Colorado Avenue
Paramount, CA 900723


Summer Concert Series and Farmers’ Market

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Community Workshop

Saturday August 19th, 2017

The project team conducted a successful community workshop with local residents of the Cities of Paramount and South Gate.  The purpose of the workshop was for the community to provide feedback to the project team as to what type of improvements are desired in support the future West Santa Ana Branch (WSAB) transit line.  During the three-hour workshop, local residents viewed visual examples of potential future development, meet with the project team to ask questions and participated in interactive planning sessions.  The community workshop consisted of the following sessions:

  • Project Presentation –  Overview of the WSAB project including the process and timeline of the project, definition of station areas, benefits of transit-oriented development (TOD), issues and opportunities, previous community outreach, and the community workshop agenda.
  • Active Transportation Improvements – Residents were asked to place stickers of their preferred pedestrian and bicycle improvements within the station areas on printed base maps.  Pedestrian and bicycle improvements chosen by the community included: new street trees, enhanced crosswalks, new seating areas, new bicycle lanes, and other infrastructure improvements.
  • Land Use Redevelopment – Residents were asked to use color coded Legos, representing buildings and open space, to build models for the kind of use and density for potential future development on sites identified by the project team and/or sites identified by the community.
  • Visual Preference Survey Boards – Residents provided comments on various visual examples of building types across four categories (housing, parking structures, industrial buildings, and transit-oriented developments) informing the project team on their preferences for style/character, size- and land use for potential future development in the Cities of Paramount and South Gate.

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Community Workshop Photos – Flickr


Wednesday July 26th, 2017

The project team conducted a walking tour of the proposed half-mile station areas with City staff to assess existing physical conditions.  During the tour, the project team and City staff met with multiple stakeholders to gain an understanding of their issues and concerns.  Stakeholders included:

  • Local residents
  • Property owners
  • Existing businesses
  • Paramount Unified School District

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Walking Tour Photos – Flickr